Have a legal background from the U.S. or from a different country (perhaps you came here as a refugee)? Living in Maine currently?

This group is about creating synergy between legal minds from here and away. We encourage the fostering of new connections and we aim to build community by listening, sharing stories, and being open to how we can all benefit from the different journeys that bring us together. Also, we hope that people with legal training from foreign countries can find more enriching opportunities for work or volunteering in our community through this group.

Welcome! Let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Francine. I am from Kinshasa, DR Congo where I had a wonderful life until I had to escape because I wanted to stay alive. I was a judge in the DR Congo, and I miss my professional life. I no longer practice law in Maine, and I crave being around legal minds. I hope to meet you.

My name is Ali. I am originally from Maine. After living in different places both within the U.S. and internationally, I returned to Maine to attend law school. I'm now an attorney in Portland, and love how international the city is. I want to help foster more integration, and hope to meet you.

We would love you to join us. Please email us to sign up.